How is COVID-19 Impacting Your Marketing and Public Relations (PR) Efforts?

At our company, PR Distribution™, we are not doing anything special in particular besides covering topics and answering questions such as this on our blog, relating to coronavirus (COVID-19) and PR/marketing/advertising.

However, having seen hundreds of press releases come through our platform relating to coronavirus, I can share some notable press releases from customers and how the coronavirus pandemic is shaping their public relations efforts, specifically when it comes to the kinds of press releases they send out.

These coronavirus press releases usually fall into one of these two categories.

  1. Association with COVID-19: The organizations that are associating with COVID-19, whether it is announcing that they are compliant with the new regulations/recommendations, or they are making the association that their existing products/services can benefit or be used by those affected by COVID-19.
  2. Contribution with COVID-19: These organizations are directly contributing and helping those affected by the pandemic, or taking action outside of regulations/mandates to aid in the prevention of COVID-19. These are our heroes.

Below are examples of press releases from both categories of how COVID-19 has impacted their public relations strategy and overall organizational resource allocation strategy.

Association with COVID-19

Company Launches Mobile App that allows you to Make Deals and Agreements Online amid COVID19 Crisis from Dealdone
Fort Wayne senior living provider puts sanitation first to prevent the spread of Coronavirus from Hearth Management
Quality Time this Quarantine Time: Learn Martial Arts AT HOME from Little Tigers

Contribution with COVID-19

Budget Branders Donates 100% Of April Profits To Provide Meals To Those Unemployed By COVID-19 from Budget Branders
Distiller’s Way Announces WHO and CDC Compliant Hand Sanitizer Production Product Available in Bulk Orders to First Responders, Hospitals, and Retailers from Distiller’s Way
Brighton College Offers Canadians 4 Weeks of Free Online Courses from Brighton College