The Effects of Coronavirus (COVID-19) on Public Relations

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has encouraged businesses and organizations to step up, help others and that is reflected in news releases they’ve distributed to the media. While it is true some industries and sectors are virtually completely shut down such as travel, hospitality, events, cosmetic procedures, etc., there are others who are still in business and are contributing to help people during these hard times — and they are leveraging media relations/public relations to get the word out.

Some businesses make headlines in the mainstream media such as the controversial Mike Lindell, founder of My Pillow. He retrofitted 75% of his company’s operations towards producing 50,000 lifesaving N95 respirator masks per day. This man is a hero, and is well deserved the press he has received.

Michael J. Lindell at “America First Policies” held in Minneapolis MN on March 28, 2018 / NorthstarOasis / Wikipedia Commons

Most businesses will not receive this kind of prime time mainstream media coverage. However, that does not mean what they are doing to contribute to society during these unprecedented times isn’t news worthy.

These contributions come in all sorts of shape and sizes that ranges from directly contributing to helping the coronavirus in terms of potentially life saving research, to raising funds to help, to increasing jobs during this economic crisis, to contributing free resources to help those in need.

Here are just a few of those news releases:

PepVax announces it has begun development of SMARTmid™-based coronavirus cell therapy to address the global pandemic threat
Xevant Launches Software To Identify Patient Populations At Higher Risk For COVID-19
April 19th Auction at Showplace to Benefit COVID-19 Relief
VoiceNation among companies increasing workforce during COVID-19
CaseNetwork Providing Healthcare Workers with a Free Online COVID-19 IN PREGNANCY Virtual Patient Case Educational Module
Scholarship Donates Services in Response to Coronavirus Outbreak

Please keep in mind that news around the coronavirus updates quickly, so the stories above may not be relevant at that time you read this, but here are some shortcut links to get the recent headlines of businesses contributing/mentioning coronavirus or COVID.